New West Summit 4.0

Once again, we come to another year of New West Summit. It has been an interesting year for California and the recreational market. There is still a lot for everyone to learn from brands, distributors to retailers. It seems, that those who are succeeding from this Wild West, are the lab facilities that exist in the industry. As product prices lower, testing rates exponentially increase. It is something we will continue to see for some time until the state figures how to handle their own operations.

I am going to admit that I am new to this industry. I have only been in it for two years but New West Summit has been a favorite event to attend. There are thought leaders and many who are trying to achieve the same thing: fight for the sake of cannabis.

If you are thinking of going and are new to the industry, then definitely attend. For those already in it, there is no need to. I do not mean to discredit it but it seams the conference is a wonderful entry level education for those who need it. There were many “canna-interested” folks who knew nothing of the industry but for those who are currently in it might have been seeking more.